Why Homebody Club ?

By Founder, Lucy Green.


One Friday, I was sitting on the tram by myself after seeing a group of friends for lunch, and I felt lonely.

My new job (which I love) was with a super small team and I missed the social interaction of having my old girl gang around me. 

I yearned for more than just small talk and quick ‘how was your weekend’ conversations. I missed sitting down and having real conversations about life, current events, relationships and what I was feeling.

You see, I moved to a new city when I was 21, knowing absolutely no-one. So for me, my work friends became my family and without them I felt lost.

I’m also at that awkward age for starting new friendships (mid-twenties). It’s a strange time; my friends back home are getting married and having/had kids, whereas the other half are single and ready to mingle. It’s difficult to cultivate relationships when you’re an inbetweener. 

So I decided to start my own community, for like-minded humans. Where we can share and learn from others and connect.  

I always loved the ‘The BabySitters Club’ when I was in primary school (and would force my friends to have lunch time meetings to discuss said club), so combined with my love of being a homebody, Homebody Club was born.