What you need to know about your Saturn Return

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Your late twenties to early thirties can be a time of turmoil and (hopefully) where you become comfortable with your true self. During this time we often see people change careers, divorce rate is at its highest and people start to freak out about being in their third decade.

Wonder why this happens? It could be all down to sneaky Saturn. Here’s the breakdown.


The 411 on Saturn

In astrological lore, Saturn is the great taskmaster of the skies. He can be seen as a life coach or personal trainer and is known for his ‘cruel to be kind’ attitude. Wherever Saturn is in your chart, this will be your area for toughest lessons.

Your cosmic rite of passage

When you are roughly 28 or 29 years old (find out your exact Saturn Return time here), Saturn circles back to the constellation it inhabited when you were born. Your Saturn Return will last from that moment until the planet leaves to visit the next sign in the zodiac, which is typically three years. This is meant to be a cosmic rite of passage, which can help you to advance into your next stage of adulthood.

Therefore during this time, the universe has a lot of potential to jumble your insides and make you feel a little panicky. Many people react by scrambling to find ‘the one’, impulsively quitting jobs or posting memes about ‘fake friends’ on Facebook. This is due to insecurities bubbling to the surface. You may start to question the direction of your life and, if you don’t like the answer, you need to equip yourself with the tools to create a new one. It’s not an easy task.

Over the course of your Saturn Return, you will be forced to confront what you’ve manifested or created in your life thus far. If you have drifted through life without much thought or effort, you will likely have a more difficult time finding your sense of self and establishing a more developed, responsible identity. Conversely, if you have spent your 20s engaged in a self-conscious dialogue, you may experience some rewarding growth.

And there’s more. We also get a second round with Saturn Return around age 57 — maybe even a third for the luckiest among us.

Because we don’t want to leave you in a state of anxiety or confusion about what’s next…

Here’s some tips to get you through Saturn Return (and if you’ve already hit this stage in your life, perhaps use it as a time to reflect).

1. Let go

Don't be afraid to release what no longer serves you. Do you hate your job? Now is the time to find something that brings you more joy. Are you feeling suffocated in your relationship? Maybe it is time to say goodbye, or work on communication so that you’re both happy.

The pain, depression and turbulence in our lives often come when we hold on to patterns, beliefs, jobs, relationships lifestyle choice, and environments that no longer serve us. Letting go and releasing your resistance to the unknown will help you glide into the next phase of your life.

It may feel like your world is turning upside down, but what’s really happening is that all the things you have outgrown or no longer need, are falling away so you can step into an updated version of yourself.

2. Reflect on your life expectations

Reflect on how you thought your life should be at this point, and where you think you are going. Your Saturn Return is all about exploration, learning and deep inner reflection. Be gentle to yourself during this period; don't hold on to anything too tightly and learn to embrace change.

3. Be unapologetic about what you want

Now that you’ve reassessed where you’re at, it’s time to take stock. Be honest with yourself and you will liberate yourself from all of the baggage you're carrying around. What will be revealed is a clearer sense of purpose.

4. Stop the comparison game

It’s time for you to focus on yourself and to reflect on your own journey. Try not to play the comparison game, especially on social media. It won’t help your mindset or get you to where you want to go.