This method of journaling can create a clearer mind, better ideas and less anxiety

Have you heard of the morning pages?


Known as one of the most profound and empowering tools for cultivating creativity, personal growth, & change, ‘ The morning pages’ journaling method is a stream-of-consciousness style of writing that helps you basically purge your thoughts before you start your day.

This method is from The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. The book suggests that every morning - soon after waking - you write about three full pages of longhand. The idea is to start while your brain is too bleary to censor itself, so you can write more freely.

Cameron suggests that when starting this new routine, nobody should read your pages - not even yourself. This provides a space for creativity without judgement. Once you’ve learned to turn off your inner critic while writing, you can transfer that talent to other areas of your life too.


Why should we journal?

This practice is followed by thousands of people including the likes of Tim Ferris. 

Studies have shown that journaling about life experiences improves subjects’ health and well-being. Expressive writing has also been associated with improvements in everything from mood to grades, memory, and athletic performance.


Break the rules

What if you’re not a morning person, or have a crazy morning schedule (e.g running after the kids)?

Don’t use that as an excuse to not journal at all.

You can write your pages any time of the day, but it’s good to set a schedule. And on mornings when you CAN write them, try to get them done early. Also don’t let the three pages scare you off. If this feels too overwhelming at first, break the rules and aim for one. If you really struggle to journal, some helpful prompts like these may help to give you direction. Once you have the habit in place you can then work your way up.

Personally, writing my morning pages is a way of brain dumping all of my thoughts. One page can even be just a list of things I want to do for the day or week. I think of this time as a form of self care. By giving myself these 15 minutes, it helps with my stress levels and creates direction for the day. 

Written by Lucy Green; founder of Homebody Club, obsessed with coffee, the moon, deep conversations, nights in and any form of personality test (she’s an Aries / INFJ / Generator / Pitta Vata / Type 1).