Valentine's Day gifts you should buy for yourself

Hallmark would love for you to believe that February is the time of year to focus on external relationships. But what relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself, amirite?!

This Valentine’s Day, shower your own damn self with love, affection, and gifts. You know you deserve it.

For the lingerie queen

  • We love Lonely, not only for their beautiful pieces but for their inclusive campaigns (and they go up to a F cup).

  • Zed use ethically sourced and organic cotton for their pieces, we really enjoy the bralettes.

For the bejewelled bae

For the homebody

The spiritual goddess

  • Add to your already growing crystal collection with a new gem. Choose clear quartz for healing or rose quartz for love and acceptance.

  • Upgrade your spread with the Mystic Mondays Tarot deck.

  • Or book yourself in to a reiki session.

For the sweet tooth

For the beauty queen

For the organiser

For the perfume princess

  • Ensure your house is smelling amazing with this chic ceramic essential oil diffuser. Our fave scents are anything citrus or peppermint to be energised and lavender for bed.

  • Treat yourself with a beautiful Le Labo scent.


For the outdoors girl

  • A new gym kit is the best motivation. We like this sports bra, this jumper and these leggings.

  • Or if you love a good picnic (if there’s cheese and wine, we’re there), treat yourself to an Earth Cover which is basically a chic boho upgrade on the usual ugly picnic blanket.

For the boss babe

  • Ok when they were first released we thought everyone looked like a d*ckhead (just being honest!), but AirPods are actually super handy and perfect for the gal on the go.

  • Treat yourself a different way with something that’s not physical; get a Business Chicks membership or maybe even hire a coach for business or developing mindfulness.

  • You always need coffee to get through the hustle: is a whole new coffee machine too extravagant? We love this pink Moccamaster. Or maybe just get yourself some beans for a fancy brew.