Pelvic and womb wellness with Jacqui from Woman Being Therapies

Jacqui is a holistic health professional and the founder of Woman Being Therapies. Co. who specialises in women’s wellness and utilises eastern therapeutic modalities. We sat down with Jacqui to learn about pelvic and womb wellness, what we can expect in a womb healing session, working through trauma as women and self-care activities we can do at home.

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For those who are unfamiliar, what is pelvic and womb wellness?


Pelvic and womb wellness is a holistic approach in tending + attending  to a woman’s source and cyclical nature. This encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of her womanhood. 

We in the West are commonly only ever taught to pay attention to our physical body, and even then, we only usually take action when alarm bells are ringing and sirens are sounding – for example when we experience; extreme pain, infertility or a chronic condition of some kind. 

My approach is to not only consider the physicality of a woman’s pelvic wellness but to also factor in the emotions she feels towards her womb, the belief systems and thoughts she holds (and in turn the messages that she sends her body), and finally spiritually, the energetics of her womb, considering any past traumas (from this life or others), ancestral trauma, stored guilt, grief and so on.  

What are some reasons women come to you for help?

There are really two common reasons I see women for womb healing. The first derives from a feeling of disconnection in the pelvic space. This is often described as numbness, rigidness, lack of libido, menstrual cycle irregularities or feeling stagnant and heavy. There is a large scale of severity in relation to this feeling, which can be sourced from what we perceive as minor to more complex and traumatic experiences (I talk more about specific examples below).

The second reason is to simply work towards building a deeper connection with ones Self. Women are becoming more and more aware of old paradigms that no longer serve us in relation to our wombs and pelvic health. Particularly around menstrual health, feminine sensuality and pregnancy/birth/postpartum care. When old stories and frameworks are identified these sessions are a good way to act a marker in releasing and shifting. 

Let’s pretend we’re going to a first session with you for womb healing, can you talk us through what we can expect?


In the week leading up to your session, I send you a pre-session, short, Q&A – you can reveal as much or as little as you like in this. It designed so that I can gain an understanding of what you’re wanting to work on (whether it be a particular issue, or general wellbeing), and from there I create a loose session plan. 

Once you arrive, I reiterate what I have gathered from your email to make sure I’m on the right track. This conversation will largely be guided by you in that we will go as deep or as light as you like, depending on what is useful for you.  

During your session, we will draw on a number of healing modalities. These include yoni steaming, Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping, acupressure, energy healing, and womb massage. We’ll select the modalities that serve you depending on what we’ve identified. For example if you’re experiencing numbness or a feeling of void, then we’ll theme your session around sensitisation and moving energy. So we might blend a warming womb massage, using particular acupressure points to invigorate energy along the conception meridian, as well as a yoni steam, and cupping over the womb space to stimulate the movement of qi and stagnated blood/energy.  And along the way I’ll incorporate 100% natural oils, organic herbs and intuitively selected crystals where they’re needed.  

The space is naturally light filled, extremely private and right across the road from the southern ocean, about 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. It’s designed to help you let go and feel safe. 

In terms of how you may feel during and after your session, it isn’t uncommon to experience a sense of release/ floating and/or waves of emotion. Particularly if we’re using the womb massage and reiki healing techniques. But certainly every session is unique and no two healing experiences will be the same. 

After your session, you will be gifted intuitively selected tools to support your practice at home; usually either crystals or herbs. 

You have talked about women becoming dissociated and/or armoured because of our life experiences, which can then cascade into a myriad of other issues. How does this dissociation start and how does it manifest into symptoms in our body? 

To me, dissociation is a defense and coping mechanism. When we experience stress or something that doesn’t feel right (it can be on any level of severity), our most primitive and natural response is to set it aside in our mind so that we can focus on surviving/living. This ‘setting aside’ usually evolves into full blown ignoring that its exists. Hence the dissociation begins. 


Some common reasons we disassociate from our wombs are; 

  • general fatigue and stress, which means we become contracted, limiting blood supply and sensation  

  • menstrual discomfort, pain, and lethargy. We often grow up being encouraged to ignore our menstrual pain by numbing ourselves using western pharmaceuticals and caffeine

  • in the postpartum period, we aren’t educated in taking space back up in our bodies, and often feel obliged to pour our attention outwards toward family and our newborn 

  • sexual trauma and difficulties allowing energy and connection back into this space 

  • remaining in an intimate relationship that doesn’t serve us 

To survive, we avoid feeling.  When we avoid feeling, the issue will eventually manifests in the form a physical ailment – (so that it can no longer be ignored) presenting in the form of dis-ease, tension or numbness. 


How do you help women to work through this trauma?

We work collaboratively. Offering gentle awareness and attention, together, to the space. The opposite of disassociation is to associate, give attention and to become familiar with. 

This can be done gently through open dialogue, where we can talk about what pelvic wellness actually means in the constructs of your life. We can go into your life’s experiences to the degree that feels good for you – no disclosure is too much information, no silence is too uncomfortable and if talking doesn’t feel needed then we focus our time on the table.  

We use the natural medicine techniques I outlined above, and we work on the premise that where attention goes energy flows. Evidenced based science is now acknowledging that when we gently guide our attention to certain parts of our being, the Relaxation Response can be initiated and our natural healing systems begin to do their work. (Dr Joe Dispenza has done a lot research in this area for anybody that is interested in this system). 

What are some self-care rituals we can do for womb wellness at home?

Two key practices for all women, that I teach in my 1:1 sessions, in workshops and during The Pelvic Wellness program is: 

Yoni Steaming – once you learn the practical steps involved in this ancient modality, you can steam at home, basically for free, as often as suits you, in your own space. As well as being well known for its general cleansing abilities ~ this form of healing has also been proven to help immensely with menstrual cycle pain, cramping, dissolving clots, removing old residue, postpartum healing and energetically in clearing the space – removing old energies from; past traumas, past lovers, ancestral stories and stored guilt and anger. 

Womb Massage – this is a beautiful practice that you can do independently to help familiarise yourself with where you are holding tension and what you might need to release. The more frequently you practice this, the more attuned you will become to changes in your being. It also helps a great deal with digestion and soothing scar tissue. 

What is your favourite resource to learn more about pelvic and womb wellness?

Vagina, by Naomi Wolf. 

Where can we find you?

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