Owning Your Thighs and All the Problems They Cause

Written by Georgia Christo: a fashion planner for a leading Australian label by day, living in denim, usually found with a cup on coffee in her hand & living for elevated minimalism.

Image by Vogue

Image by Vogue

I never really thought about the fact that my thighs rub together until I was having one of those weird conversations with a friend. You know those ones where you are just chilling over a bottle of wine talking about the most random things, and changing topics just as often as the change in Melbourne weather.

Basically I was explaining to him that I invest in some fashion pieces, like coats and bags …  one of many guilty pleasures … but jeans is one that I don’t because within a year my thighs would of worn through them and almost dissolved them into nothing.

Needless to say he looked at me like I have just spoken 20 different languages.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining about my thighs rubbing together, and it is not an area of my body that I am self conscious of, or slave over in the gym to improve, because lets face it, no amount of sweat or squats is going to get my thighs apart. It is just the way that I was made, and I am content with that.

But it made me realise that perhaps there is not enough thigh-touching awareness and support out there. So here I am, giving my 4 tips of wisdom to get through these thigh-times, when our jeans have been defeated, or when you feel the excruciating burn during summer because you were ballsy enough to wear a dress or skirt.

1. Denim Patches

When you hear that final tear as you bend over, your heart sinks, and thoughts rush through your head.

Stay calm. Don’t look like anything is wrong.

Why didn’t I check how worn through they were before I left home?

Where is the hole this time? Please tell me it is not half way up my groin.

Is my top long enough to cover the hole?

Are the shops open so that I can go re-purchase the exact same pair?

But when I discovered denim patches, I realised that it was not the end of the world. The fact that I didn’t have to buy a new pair of jeans every time they had worn was new information for me, and the best thing of all … experience in sewing is not a pre-requisite  

All you need is an iron to fuse the patch to your jeans making them good as new.   

Image: Gimmeflair

Image: Gimmeflair

2. Don’t invest in jeans

I know I have already mentioned it, and if the iron on denim patches haven’t re-enforced it, I will say it again. Do NOT invest in jeans.

I am all for luxury purchases, and investing money in fashion to avoid over consumerism, but luxury jeans will not win the battle against your thighs.

So many high street retailers are offering amazing denim ranges that there is no need to spend $500 on a pair of denim jeans. It also means they are easily replaceable if you just want to re-purchase, and most retailers run their denim styles year on year so no need to stress on trying jeans on all over again.  

Some of my favourites are the Asos Ridley High Waist Jean, and the Topshop Jamie Jeans.

3. Caring For Your Jeans

The more you wash your jeans, the more the fibres breakdown causing them to be more fragile, and giving your thighs the competitive advantage.

The great thing about jeans is that you don’t have to wash them after every wear, and denim specialists advise against it.

I personally put them in the freezer. Yes you heard correctly, the freezer.

If you put them in a zip lock bag and into the freezer overnight, the cold will kill off any bacteria and odour that occurs through wearing them.

You can wash them occasionally if you get any stains, but stick to the gentle cycle and wash them inside out to avoid any discolouration and enhance their longevity.   


4. The Holy Grail of Creams

If you suffer from chafing when your thighs rub together, you know that the discomfort and pain in just on another level.

I bet as you are reading this, you are thinking back to that time you were walking, and the pain started to kick in. That feeling of your thighs gripping together and each step ripping them apart, pain like your skin has been spliced and diced with a sharp blade.  

You’ve come to fear summer, and question wearing dresses, skirts, shorts, and bathers, knowing that you will soon be walking like a penguin trying to escape the burn.

So what is the solution to this? It is called Neat 3B Cream, and hand on heart it has changed my life.

3B reduces the amount of sweat produced on the area it’s applied to, preventing any friction or chafing that may occur, and even better, it is super affordable. You only need to put it on once and you are good to go for the whole day.

And that is it.

Simple I know, but I guarantee you that my thighs have not caused me any problems in years and hopefully yours won’t either.