October Workbook for Self Reflection, Goal Setting and Inspired Action

There are two strong moons coming up in October, the Aries Full Moon - asking us to focus on our purpose - and the Scorpio New moon - creating determination and drive to achieve our goals.

Our monthly guide and workbook has been created for you to utilise the energies of the October Aries Full Moon and the Scorpio New Moon for powerful self-reflection around your purpose and instilling drive to achieve your goals.

It is based upon the current astrology and is for everyone no matter your Sun, or Moon sign. 

Download your guide and workbook here

What’s included:

  • 34 page lunar guide and workbook for the month of October

  • A summary of the history of why we look to the full and new moons and their energy

  • The astrological themes for the month of October

  • Self-reflection journal prompts in the theme of the Aries full moon - what is your purpose?

  • Monthly goal-setting journal prompts in the theme of the Scorpio new moon - creating motivation and drive for your goals

  • How to take inspired action with our step-by-step outline for your goals

  • Zodiac adult colouring pages for creative self-care and reflection

Lucy Green