Modern Mindfulness: habits for your best holiday yet

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Taking a holiday is the perfect time to relax, recharge and heal our bodies and minds from everyday life. Although this is the time to chill out, we can create the opposite by letting our bad habits creep in.

Mindful travel is slower travel. It is taking the time to stop and observe, to really feel and listen and see what is around you. Mindful travel is letting yourself get immersed in a location or moment and reflecting on them. It is turning your devices off and your mind on.

Here are ways to maintain mindfulness while being away:

Keep it simple

Have a holiday without a checklist. Over scheduling yourself defeats the point of getting away, so simplicity is key. I am known to be a little OCD and love a schedule, but now I make an effort to leave 50% of the time unscheduled (only making a couple of restaurant or tour reservations that book out). Allow yourself to slow down and enjoy the white space in your day.

Listen to your body

If you’re used to setting an alarm everyday, eating your meals at the same times, and staying on a set routine, now is the time to let it all go. Over time, your body becomes adapted to your routine, so it might feel different to tune into its natural rhythm at first.

On holidays we skip the alarm, eat meals when we actually felt hungry (maybe you want to give intermittent fasting a go?) and got to bed when we felt tired.

Treat your self

There is no better time to be kind and generous to yourself than when on vacation. Whatever makes you chill out and worry less, now is the time to take advantage.  Indulge in your favourite food, beverage or self care activity (massage anyone?) or all of the above.

Digitally disconnect

I love the moment when the plane is taking off, and suddenly you’re disconnected from the digital world. It’s time to do whatever you like - listen to a podcast, read, journal down your thoughts and ideas or take a cheeky nap.

We spend so much time in our lives responding to emails, liking pictures and scrolling on social media.  Instead of continuing that pattern while on vacation, being mindful and creating boundaries with all things digital can help you to relax.

Small acts like keeping your phone at home when you go to the beach or dinner, reading a book or magazine instead of scrolling or not sharing that selfie on your story. By creating a digital disconnect, you will find yourself being more present and in the moment. You may even find yourself initiating some of these habits into your everyday life upon returning - you could even try this digital detox for self care.

Whether it’s de-stressing or creating change in your life, use your holiday to practice and increase your mindfulness.

Written by Lucy Green; founder of Homebody Club, obsessed with coffee, the moon, deep conversations, nights in and any form of personality test (she’s an Aries / INFJ / Generator / Pitta Vata / Type 1).