How to balance your feminine and masculine energies

We are all naturally a combination of masculine and feminine energies. Although they’re commonly associated with gender, it’s actually not referring to that at all.

Image via @bloodmilkwomen

Image via @bloodmilkwomen

Many cultures talk about masculine and feminine energies; in Chinese traditions the energies are called Ying and Yang or in the yoga philosophy, one of the aims is to bridge the gap between the male energy (Shiva) and female energy (Shakti) for self-realisation.

We live in a culture where masculine energy is valued. Competition, drive, outcome and hustle are indicators of success. We get swept up into this game and subscribe to these values but as a result, our feminine energy takes a back seat. This can result in us feeling completely empty, anxious and overwhelmed.

By gaining awareness of each energy, we can begin to create mindfulness and live an authentic life regardless of external pressures or societal norms.

Feminine Energy

The feminine energy has been described as how we ‘experience’ the world, how to feel through things and the emotions, sensations and the fulfilment that comes with any given experience. It’s rooted in intuition, receptivity, collaboration, creativity and feelings.

Are you feeling an imbalance?

When you are strong in your feminine, you have a strong connection to your body and intuition, and you are able to make decisions based on what you feel in your heart. Feminine energy is a receptive, right-brained energy. Yet, if we are too much in our feminine, we can come across as weak and lose our personal power.

Do you feel like you’re an energy sponge that takes on the energy of any environment you’re in? You could be feeling particularly sensitive - if even just a few minutes of your day didn’t go the way you hope, you’ll ruminate and become disempowered. This means your mind is being held hostage by your own feelings and thoughts.


How to balance your feminine flow

It’s time to consciously take care of yourself. Set aside daily time to work through your feelings; meditate  (the out breath is known to be the feminine energy, so try big exhales) and journal mindfully.

It’s important to create a space for yourself, so that you can tune into your feelings and intuition. Stop asking for advice and forfeiting your power to others and start turning to your intuition to empower yourself.

Masculine Energy:

The masculine energy is about the results; how do we get to the end game, or how this experience brings us closer to our goals and measured outcomes. It’s action-oriented, to the point, competitive, cognitive, direct, entrepreneurial, problem solving and risk taking.

Are you feeling an imbalance?

When it is used properly, masculine energy is creative, practical, and visionary. When masculine energy is misused, it can end in ego anger, resentment, and inner conflict that disconnects our minds from our bodies.

When we operate primarily from our masculine side, we may feel tired, stressed, overworked or unloved as a result. When we feel overworked, moving about life on autopilot and/or experiencing a lack of intimacy in our lives, it is likely a re-fuel of the feminine is in order.

Do you refer to yourself as Type A? It’s easy for you to feel failed by or be disappointed in others. People may get easily intimidated by you and not share really relevant, important information that could be impactful to your relationship with them. The hustle comes so naturally to you, but you likely aren’t giving yourself enough credit for all you do. It’s common to overextend yourself and do all the things for all the people.

How to balance your masculine flow

It’s important to start delegating instead of being the control freak. It’s ok if someone makes a mistake or fails - they are learning and growing in their journey. Before judging others or feeling let down, take a moment to explain yourself and your expectations. Teach others how you work as way of inspiring them to rise.

It’s time to soften. Tap into your creativity, whether it be drawing, painting, photography, writing, blogging, knitting, cooking, yoga, stretching or dancing.

In combining the masculine and feminine energies, we are able to bring balance back into our lives and trust to our emotional and mental states. We are able to step into our personal flow.

Cover image via @hara_thelabel