Embrace the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO)

In our hyper-connected society, we’re presented with so many things to “do” — to keep up with social media, to attend social events, work parties or even webinars. We can learn new things, meet new people, network, and do whatever our hearts desires.

Due to this, we have created the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO); the social pressure to be at the right place with the right people. This results in us feeling run down and depleted.

So what’s the answer? JOMO. The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) is about understanding yourself, your needs, your desires and embracing the pleasure of choosing what we want to do (or not do), in a way that engages, energises and fulfils us.


How you can embrace the Joy of Missing Out

  • Remove distractions; put down your phone, close your laptop, and step away from your devices. These electronic distractions will prevent you from determining if you truly wish to engage in an activity.

  • Create spaces of unstructured time in your week to reflect; Perhaps start with an hour, half a day, or a weekend. When there’s nothing to “do,” your quiet inner voice can be heard. You get a greater sense of which activities you enjoy (and why). This is a clue in determining what fills you up and what drains you.

  • Reconnect with real life; Start by having a conversation with a friend or family member, go and create memories and experiences. If you want to reconnect online, first take a breath and recognise why. Will it leave you feeling distracted, depleted, or uneasy? If so, set up boundaries to help.

  • Ask yourself; is this activity worth doing? Imagine your ninety-year-old-self looking back on your life. Will you remember that time you accepted a Facebook event invite out of obligation to an acquaintance, or will you remember the time you spent laughing with your loved ones at dinner instead?

The benefits of the Joy of Missing Out

  • It will give you more time: Stop over-committing and wasting your most precious and finite resource: time. You will stop spending your free moments consumed by scrolling on social media, email, sending/responding to text messages, or doing activities that you don’t want to do; just because you feel socially obligated. Instead choose positive options that often we don’t get time for; e.g. self care, exercise or experiences.

  • Become spontaneous: Freeing yourself up from unwanted commitments and digital addictions means more space and time for unplanned moments. What would you do if you had no plans? What would you create, do or experience?

  • Slowing Down: JOMO lets you do things at your own pace. To be here and now. To experience life at its purest essence. This way of living also enhances your creativity. When our minds are free from anxiety, stress, distraction or obligation our unconscious mind can think up some amazing things.

  • Living more mindfully: Excess technology dulls yours senses; that’s why we use it as an avoidance strategy. We don’t want to feel bored, lonely, sad, or frustrated, so we turn to our smartphones for a fix. When you start to become aware of your thoughts, feeling and behaviours - and start dealing with them - you free up that space in your brain, so that you have more time, energy and emotion to conquer your true priorities.

    Because true priorities shouldn’t be our follower count on social or making sure we story every song from that concert, we should be worried about missing moments with loved ones, the smell of brewing coffee, watching sunsets, laughing at jokes, travelling, walking barefoot on the beach or enjoying good food with family and friends.