How to digital detox for self-care

The digital world is a great way to stay connected to loved ones plus keep up-to-date with current events, but it can also be toxic for your mental health. Every day we spend over 2 hours on social media, which results in using our precious time to mindless scroll instead of developing meaningful connections with other and ourselves.

To prioritise our own mental wellbeing, here are some easy ways you can digitally detox over a week.


1st day: Unfollow people who you don't align with or disturb your energy.

Ever scrolled through Instagram and found yourself rolling your eyes or getting fired up about their picture or comment? A form of self-care is being selective about the people you keep around,  even in the digi space.

If you want to remove someone's updates from your feed without saying goodbye forever, you can mute their account so their posts don't appear on your feed. But really, are you just delaying the inevitable?

2nd day: Clean up your email space

Unsubscribe from those annoying email lists - especially those random newsletters you receive due to competitions. Read all your important emails, delete anything you don't need and organise into folders anything that you need to keep as record.

3rd day: Turn off your push notifications

We are addicted to the constant rush of our phone lighting up, showing us that we are loved because someone has liked our post or that we have a new email. Turning off your push notifications means less distractions - resulting in better connections with the people that you're with or higher productivity in your activities.

Go a step further and follow in footsteps of Lauryn Evarts (from The Skinny Confidential) who has turned off her message notifications completely. She then schedules in time during her day to reply without always being stopped and distracted from what she's doing.

4th day: Delete unnecessary photos and videos

To avoid unnecessary anxiety, back up your phone first.Then cull all the photos and videos you really don't need for your day-today.

Random screenshots? Snapchat video from when you were in Europe 2 years ago? Delete.

5th day: Delete the apps you don't use

Pretty self explanatory - clean up your phone clutter. Plus think of it from a security perspective, a lot of apps track you activities and location even when not in use. Culling apps will minimise your data from being shared.

6th day: Digital updates

There are two people in this world: those who update their devices as soon as they get a notification and those who string it out with the "update later" button. If you're the later, update everything now... computer (including programs like adobe cloud), phone, apps etc.

7th day: No social media for 24 hours

Damn this will be uncomfortable. Tell your friends and family not to worry and to call if they need you - this may even create better conversations with your loved ones. Take the time for some self care, think: coffee body scrub in the shower, brunch date, exercising  (yes you can still do that without taking a mirror selfie) or watch your favourite movie. Take the time to do what you want instead of worrying about everyone else.