Are you ready for the new moon? Here's what you should know

As the moon orbits our planet, the positions of the Earth, moon, and sun create a 27 day cycle of lunar phases. Astrologers believe that our energy begins to build at the new moon, then peaks two weeks later at the full moon. Why not get a little lunar boost for yourself?

The history of a new moon

It is often believed that women naturally sync their cycle with the new moon, and some Native American societies even had what was called a “Moon Lodge”. This was a place of rest and retreat where women would go to rest on their monthly cycle. No tribal duties, such as cooking, were required. It was a time for women to go internally and reconnect with their feminine nature.

Now in modern time, it's easy for us to forget the old rituals of the past….

So what should we do during a new moon?

During the new moon, because everything goes dark, it’s as if we have a blank canvas on which to create. In “nothingness” there is a sense of limitless possibilities. That is the gift of the new moon, a great time for setting intentions, making wishes, and taking the first bold step towards a new goal.

It is a good time to stop and consider what you want to manifest for the rest of the month, through self-care and peaceful reflection.

Recharge your batteries

This is the time for self-care. Let yourself pause, relax and reflect on what aspects of your life you would like to work on.

Self-care ideas could be:

Plan and manifest:

Now that you’ve given yourself time to reflect, it’s all about setting intentions and goals for the month ahead.

Written by Lucy Green; founder of Homebody Club, obsessed with coffee, the moon, deep conversations, nights in and any form of personality test (she’s an Aries / INFJ / Generator / Pitta Vata / Type 1).

Lucy Green