Interview with Adeline from Zove Beauty: Using a facial roller, Gua Sha and the business of beauty

Adeline is the founder of Zove Beauty, a brand with thoughtfully made products, their mission is to demystify the world of beauty and make your choices easier. We had the opportunity to chat to Adeline about her journey with Zove, how to use Facial Massage Tools, the benefits of using the facial roller and Gua Sha, plus more.

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Let’s start at the beginning, what was your journey that led to starting Zove Beauty?


It goes back 20+ years.. I’ve been brought up in a family that lives & breathes the beauty industry (extended fam included!). Mum would always educate me about how to best take care of my skin. My fondest memory of beauty would be girls crowding around me in boarding school watching me do my nighttime skincare routine. Mind you, I was only 17 then! Being able to help them take care of their skin grew their confidence, and without knowing it, I was building my confidence too.

Growing up, self-confidence was the one thing I always had an issue with. The only thing, however, that I was confident about, was my skin. I genuinely believe that higher levels of education have a strong correlation to better health and mental wellbeing. Is it my mission to help support women, through Zove, be it via funding educational programs around the world or via their own skin. 

We launched Zove about a year ago now (time flies!), starting with facial tools and have surprisingly reached 15 countries with no paid advertising.. it blows my mind how quickly world of mouth / Instagram reaches people! The ultimate aim is to create an incredibly effective skincare range (hint: in the works now). This is in line with helping women with their skin, and for them to feel the most confident they can be - keep your eyes peeled! 

What has been the best and hardest thing about running your own beauty business so far? 

I believe that everyone has a purpose destined for them in this life on earth, and I feel so blessed to be able to pursue this - which is to have a business with a bigger vision and tying all of this in with my ultimate passion - beauty. The best thing is being able to see the skills I’ve worked hard on building from my teenage years (i.e. roles in leadership, accounting, sales, marketing etc) all tie in together nicely. No time or effort is ever wasted as long as you put your 110% in it. I truly believe that.

The hardest thing? Your brain never stops! An international online business = your phone is constantly ringing 24/7 (emails, DMs, queries or troubleshooting). All things considered, I would not have it any other way :)


For a skincare newbie, can you explain what a facial roller and Gua Sha is?

Sure! I like to call them both Facial Massage Tools - the Gua Sha Tool gives you more of an “intense massage”, whereas the Facial Roller is the more of a “relaxing” tool.

What are the benefits of using these tools?

Lymphatic drainage is key when it comes to both these tools. The idea is that the movement stimulates blood circulation, the pressure relieves tension and the action itself will aid lymphatic drainage. Well-functioning lymphatic drainage is the key to glowing, radiant skin.

Regular usage can help with reducing puffiness and because the tools are made of 100% real crystal / jade stone, they keep cool by themselves and are divine for cooling and calming the appearance of your skin (note: perfect out of the fridge for summer!)

Could you give us some pointers on how to use them?

We’ve got really easy to follow “How-To” Videos (40 seconds each) here or you can watch/save these on IGTV here :) 

To summarise: Use the tools with your favourite skincare, and always move upward & outward! 

What are some ways that you make time for self-care in your daily routine?

A Barre Body class or a nice HIIT class at FoxFit. 

A face mask - an overnight cream mask or sheet mask. I do this at least 3 - 4 times a week. Taking 2 minutes out to start with the Gua Sha tool and end with my fav Rose Quartz Roller, it honestly makes all the difference :) 

Oh, and G&T (fav: Shiraz Gin from Four Pillars). 

Can you share one recommendation of your favourite resource (e.g. podcast/book/blog etc)?

I’ll be cheeky & share two!

Podcast - Glow Journal by Gem K Watts

Book - Get Big Fast and Do More Good by Ido Leffler & Lance Kalish

Where can we find you?

Instagram: @zovebeauty (I post from the account personally & love talking to everyone via DM!)


Lucy Green