7 easy steps to audit your wardrobe

Written by Georgia Christo: a fashion planner for a leading Australian label by day, living in denim, usually found with a cup on coffee in her hand & living for elevated minimalism.

“I have nothing to wear now that the weather is getting cooler!” Sound familiar?

Without a doubt, every year I will say this, pretty much word for word. However, it’s obviously not true, as I still have all the clothes that I had last year.

What I actually need to do is devote a few days to my wardrobe and become familiar with it again, and also re-asses what I do need and don’t need, instead of going out and buying new clothes, which I probably already have in my wardrobe.

Studies have shown that Australians are the world’s second largest consumer of textiles, buying on average 27 kilograms of new clothing and other textiles a year. Most of which will end up in landfill.

Working in fashion it is easy to get obsessed over samples and staff discounts, and when I first started in the industry it was definitely a novelty that consumed me. However, now I see clothing and accessories as a stylish necessity, where I try to buy as little as possible while ensuring versatility and longevity.


Here are some of my tips for how to de-clutter your wardrobe:

1.     Pull everything out onto your bed

Yep, I do mean everything. From your wardrobe, your drawers, anywhere that you have clothing stored. This not only helps to see what you are working with, but it also helps to give a bit of perspective on how much you wear and don’t wear.


2.     Sort everything out into categories

By this I mean create a denim pile, a shirt pile, t-shirt pile … you get the gist.

Now comes the laborious task of…

3.     Try everything on

This is why you need a few days. I find this step actually helps take away the emotional connection. In order to not get overwhelmed and to also avoid multiple outfit changes, I would suggest trying everything on in categories. Throw on a singlet and try on all your jeans, this helps to highlight what you have doubles of, what you don’t fit into, what has been over worn, or what you simply haven’t worn and, let’s face it, probably never will.


4.     Ask yourself:

Do I wear it?

Is it comfortable?

Can I wear it multiple ways?

Does it fit?

When was the last time I wore it?


5.     Be realistic and ruthless!

We truly can live with a lot less than what we have. Living in a small apartment with minimal storage has definitely taught me that I do not need an abundance of physical belongings to make me happy, and to survive. Also, if I spend less on low-quality products, I am able to buy more high-quality products.


6.     Donate or sell

Decide whether you want to sell your pre-loved clothes of donate them. Donating them can also mean giving them to a friend or loved one you know will take care of them, or donate them to a charity.


7.     Re-organise your wardrobe and drawers.

Now that you know what you are keeping, spend a bit of time to re-organise your wardrobe and drawers. I always like to display my clothes as if they were a visual merchandising display in a store. I find this makes me appreciate them more and jump starts my creativity.