5 ways EFT will change your life

Written by Harinandhini Tamilchelvan: A uni student with big dreams but most of the time, can be found making the most of Melbourne's cafe culture.

Illustration by @carlallanosillustrations

Illustration by @carlallanosillustrations

In today’s world our emotions aren’t heard enough and it’s our emotions that govern our wellbeing. From fighting addiction to being unable to commit to something to simply feeling hopeless or lonely, everything we go through produces an emotion in us. These emotions can sometimes be detrimental to our wellbeing and result in health challenges. Tapping is so incredible because it allows us to give every emotion a voice and it allows us to work through the challenging ones. If everything we go through produces an emotion, then how we healed a past emotional challenge is really important to our wellbeing. Despite thinking that you have healed an emotional challenge, chances are you haven’t. But we’ve all got trauma. The extent of our trauma varies but we’ve all got it. Tapping is so helpful because it truly allows us to turn inwards and heal from within.


EFT or tapping is a type of mediation that works on your acupressure points. It was developed by psychologists for people suffering from PTSD and has shown some truly incredible results. You begin by going through the negative statements and then work through positive affirmations. This style allows you to work through the negative emotion and clear it to make space for the positive ones. Perhaps, the best part of tapping is that you can modify each tapping script to make it perfect for you.


My go to tapping meditations are the ones by Jessica and Nick Ortner. You can find them on their website here, or on their app The Tapping Solution. I also really enjoy looking at the tapping scripts on the tapping solution website and modifying it to suit me.

Why EFT will change your life

1.     It reduces stress levels

By tapping your acupressure points, you release the stress and the pressure that has been held in each of those points and your body relaxes. As you work through the negative statements and move to the positive, your mind is able to come to terms with what happened and release it.


2.     It helps heal the trauma you’ve accumulated

We’ve all got baggage. And unfortunately (or sometimes fortunately) most of it is subconscious. And because it’s subconscious it can be incredibly challenging to work though them. EFT helps us bring these beliefs and patterns into our conscious mind to work on and heal. There are some great guided tapping tracks available or you can come up with your own tapping script. Sometimes, the baggage we’ve accumulated shows up as physical symptoms and these too can be alleviated with tapping.


3.     It’s a great way to practice mindfulness

Tapping is a form of meditation. In each moment you are consciously trying to work through an emotion or trying to set up your day. The combination of repeating the affirmations out loud or in your head while tapping the different points, is incredibly powerful in keeping you grounded in the moment.


4.     It can help you achieve your goals

At some point, we’ve all set goals and allowed ourselves to wallow in self-doubt instead of going after them. We’ve told ourselves we just don’t have what it takes. We’ve told ourselves we simply aren’t good enough. But tapping allows us to work through the specific emotions behind these limiting beliefs and release them. Tapping meditations are really diverse, from beating cravings to releasing anxiety to sleep support to releasing physical pain. There are tons of great teachers with videos or tapping scripts that you can access to support you.


5.     It’s a great form of self-care

Tapping is something you can absolutely do every day because you decide how long you tap for and how many rounds you do. Taking that time out for yourself each day to release any stress or negative emotions you’ve experienced during the day or tapping in the morning to create a great day can be an incredibly powerful feeling.